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and this is how I end my 2006

Kelly's Daily Libra Forecast December 31, 2006

Quickie: Find another person to share one of your latest obsessions with! (Attention sake lovers! I want to be your friend.)

Overview: A single thought can change your world, and it could come from just about anywhere. Explore books, movies, music and people that would normally not cross your path. Be open to influence from all areas. (This is totally bizarre, but just this morning I was thinking about how I can get in contact with my friend's ex-husband. He had made this mix CD that I was listening to today and was thinking he would be a good person to tap for some new music.)

Daily extended: Take one of your latest obsessions -- a new band, a TV show or a fantastic restaurant, say -- and find another person to share it with! Whenever you perceive an opportunity to sway the topic of conversation, push it toward your new personal fad. Sharing what excites you is a great way to show new people what makes you tick and give them insight into your personality. Plus, revealing your passion may create a bond with someone you've been wanting to be closer to. (So yeah it seems I have become a bit obsessed with sake as of late and can't get enough of it. That and I am going to get myself the 80GB iPod because my 40GB is full and I need more new music. So anyone out there wants to join me as I Sake Rattle and Roll, you are more than welcome.)

I guess I am not as bitter as I was 2 years ago when I wrote one of these. Lots of exciting things happened to me this year the #1 was getting my new apartment. This morning on my way to work (yeah I am "working" right now) I decided that I will make some New Years resolutions and here they are:

#1 get furniture for my new place and throw a sake/fondue party.
#2 get a new job (one that I actually like)
#3 find someone that I can kiss this time next year
#4 read more
#5 knit more

Happy New Year everyone! I hope to see you sometime next year at my sake/fondue party!

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