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good morning STARSHINE!

The earth says HELLO!

I have lived almost 35 years on the ground floor (basement) of a building nestled in the middle of a block with trees out front. My new place is high up on the 5th floor of a building that is on a corner on top of a hill (and there is no building right across the street). My windows face south so I have the advantage to see both the sunrise and sunset from my little terrace. I just LOVE the natural light that my apartment gets or maybe I crave that vitamin D - who knows! With the great weather this weekend I was able to spend some time outside just watching the day go by. The above sunrise photo was taken one morning before I left for work. I just had to hang out 5 extra minutes to enjoy it. The one right below is what I like to call God's Lights (the reckoning is coming be prepared).

And this photo is yet another sunset don't you just wish you could hear the hiss as the sun touches New Jersey.

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