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one year later and I am still a broken record :(

On new years day I saw last year’s post pop into the past words section and I always see what I was writing about then – just cause I’m old and can’t remember what I did yesterday let alone last year. Anyway I don’t think I did too badly on my resolutions for 2007 but sad thing is I want to have most of them again for 2008. It’s not because I failed them last year. I think I can do better in 2008. So here it goes my resolutions for 2007 2008.

07 make that 08 - Furniture:
  THE COUCH was the only real furniture purchase I got done in 07.  Oh that and the bookshelves and TV stand which I assembled all by myself.  In 08 I MUST get a dinning room set but first I NEED that 46” TV.

07 make that 08 - A Hockey trip:  this is the only resolution that I really fulfilled buy not only going to the 3 local arenas I also traveled to Dallas, Pittsburgh and LA and got to see 2 Hockey games in each city. In 08 I am trying to hit at least one Canadian city, another Cali location and possibly Colorado. This is a resolution I have no problem working into my schedule.

07 make that 08 - More reading:  My sister lent me Twilight which she thinks I will like. I hope it is better than the series I bought and couldn’t even get past the first 10 pages – has anyone read War of the Spider Queen? Yeah – don’t! Oh and I am behind on my John Saul reading as he had a new one last year I haven’t picked up yet.

07 make that 08 - More knitting:  I am still really jealous of all the knitting projects Liz has going on and I never knitted anything for Christmas gifts last year. I am not going even attempt that this year. I am just going to try and enjoy knitting when I can get time to do it. I was given a project to do last January to be finished by March of this year. I just started it in December and I hope to have it done next month. I’m a slow knitter but it is one project I know I can finish.

07 make that 08 – Get a new job:  I did get a new job in 07 – too bad it’s doing the same crappy job I had been doing 03-07. 08 I need to get out of the vender side of business and back to the client side. I hate being fucking nice all the time.

And a new one this year – ME:  I decided I need to take better care of myself. Allow myself more pampering days, better food choices, exercise and the general live life better.

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