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it's so easy ...

Ok I admit I am a sad individual. I put things off because I think they are too difficult or just don’t want to deal with them. For instance the top three things I was suppose to do when I moved into my apartment. #1 disinfect all the doorknobs, #2 change the locks and #3 change the toilet seat.  Not too difficult right?

I have been living in this apartment for one year and four months now and today is the day I changed the toilet seat. For some reason I thought it would be such a difficult job and it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is measure your toilet seat, buy a new seat that will fit, screw off the old seat then screw on the new one. I better get to changing the locks then since the door knobs were disinfected although it has been over a year I guess I can do that again too.

Oh and I went to look at TV’s today … I’m thinking 46” LCD. Does anyone have a good reason why I should get a plasma instead?

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