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lies lies lies yeah

I hate being lied to. More so I hate being lied to repeatedly by more than one person. I have had a bad few months and I just need to fucking vent about it now because it is really is fucking ridiculous. Like most Americans right now I find my self getting laid off and having to look for a job in this not so good economy of ours.

Let me take this back to the end of last spring when we found out that my company was going to merge with a larger company. We were told this is a “good thing” and well the new company (even though much larger than ours) didn’t have a New York City presence that we would be “safe” and basically this is a “good thing” HA! Then the merger got delayed and delayed and delayed and was finally final in October. Still this is a “good thing” since we are bigger and more competitive now that we are merged – HA! All the while the economy is crumbling around us and well we need to make the shareholders happy so let’s do some extreme cutbacks and screw over the employees so we can look good and profitable. HA! Its ok we are still “safe” right – HA! The new year everything will go back to normal and we will bounce back and all will be good right? HA! What was that? You are closing the New York office down? WTF! Oh my replacements will be here tomorrow for me to train. GREAT! We have until the end of February to finish our work. Oh that date could be sooner GREAT! Can you please ram your foot higher up my ass I didn’t quite feel it that last time. THANKS!

I think my favorite was not just training my replacements for a week and a half but when I received the transitioning schedule it was dated back in December. Oh and on top of all this the office now has turned into a bunch of people all speculating the next step and if there is any salvaging of any of our jobs. Who would be blessed with the extension to finish out the work and maybe keep their jobs just a little longer? Who deserves it verses who needs it and basically who is capable of being the biggest kiss ass. I am sick over the whole thing!

I think I am now in the accepting stage and I am looking forward to the possibility to use this time to find a job I might actually like now. I need a change and I hope I can find something fun, exciting, interesting, competitive and most importantly different! I am taking a class so that should keep me somewhat busy. Other than that I am free for afternoon beers should anyone be interested. Just don’t lie to me and tell me you will go out then cancel. I hate that shit!

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