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Back at work today. Not really ready to be here yet. I could definitely use another week to myself. So how did I do with regards to my list, I am sure you are dying to find out:

Much Buffy was watched. Finished Season 2 in record time. Currently jonesing for Season 3.

Worked out out as religiously as a this hedonist can. I went for a couple of runs (including yesterday's soggy misadventure) and made it to my new gym once for a pilates class. The class was filled with octogenarians and felt more like an exercise in patience and a reminder that I don't want to grow old than part of a healthy fitness regimen. Going to the gym again tonight to start doing some weights etc.. We'll see how it goes.

Garden State - check. I enjoyed it. Flawed but entertaining plus great soundtrack.

Hung out with my bros. - check.

Boxing Day shopping - We went to Futureshop with Ariel and bought a hugeass widescreen TV. It arrives Jan 5. After which we will never leave our house again.

I did not purchase any sexy new boots or coats because I realized there are other "wants" that take priority such as a new bed - as the dude put it "our futon has seen a lot of action" and it's time to move on. I also want a new ski-suit for our trip to Whistler. My current suit while functional is circa 1993. It is turquoise and purple and very awkward. It's a men's style that we bought on sale at L'Equipeur and I've had it with the overalls. They drive me bonkers. And it's too shiny. Anyone have a suggestion where to get affordable yet good quality ski/snowboard wear in T.O.?

I did buy some PJs and a top or two. Couldn't resist the bargains.

Made my first split-pea soup last night. I tried it at lunch today, dill-ishious!

Feed Tali's cats - check.

Lots of sleeping - check.

Home office is now up and running. Now if only I could start writing....

Ate mounds of chocolate and tiny oranges. YUM.

Other then a few festive gatherings on Christams and New Years' Eves and Days, I was terribly anti-social. It felt great.

Happy 2005 y'all.

It's only day three and I am already dreaming of vacation...

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