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Hello robots, robocats, and robofish -

Hope you all had a nice weekend. I spent the Canadian May 24 long weekend doing the following:

- Hanging with friends
- Making heavy on the vodka Blue Bloods (crushed blackberries, vodka, and 7up - yum!)
- Planting flowers and herbs on the deck. So brr!cold I had to wear a sweater. The dude taught me how to re-pot plants. He is such a Marsha Stewart.
- Watching season one of Veronica Mars (my new fave tv show)
- Plotting ways to get out of going back to work
- Shopping!
- Talking to people who are far away (Tali, my bro Les)
- Contemplating buying a new bike. So tempting but so expensive. And such a risk seeing as I live in the bike theft capital and that I have nowhere truly safe to lock up.
- I went for a new run in my new runners. Something about fresh sneaks makes me feel like I can fly. I think I ran almost as fast as Tom Cruise in MI3. We went to see the movie the other week, mostly to test whether or not we could watch it without cringing about his wingnuttiness. We couldn't resist checking it out. He runs like the million dollar man. For the record, I only cringed once in the opening scene. The rest was perfectly distracting.
- Watching the season finale of 24. I hate that show. By far the worst writing on television. I don't know why I agreed to watch the last two hours (I actually snoozed during a good 20 minutes.) Jack Bauer drives me bonkers. Chloe needs to get laid. And the writing is so expository I want to stab a sharp pencil into my eyes. Update: Mr. Hand says it best: "I wish that days were only 12 hours long. Then 24 would only be 12 episodes long..."
- Oh and some photos from our trip to Paris are now online, Check 'em out.

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