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*As in "Welcome to" and where "Gator Country"
means "Los Angeles"

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my bike
i just got back from taking my new bike up the pacific coastal highway at 12:30 a.m.

everything i am at every moment was condensed into that ride.

when i bought this bike, an 82 GS650 G Katana recustomized cafe racer, i knew it was the perfect bike for me: black, revving, redone, loved, reborn. i was so overexcited i left it in park and ran down the battery while i was in nyc last week working working working. when i returned to santa monica super late sunday night, following a harrowing day including a taxi cab accident on queens blvd that caused me to miss my flight *twice*, all i wanted was to get on mina and ride. but she was out of power. g'd'mit. so i called my mechanic yesterday, went to pep boys instead of a pub, bought two separate battery chargers and an extra battery, opened her up at 10pm last night and took the battery out, charged it up overnight, adding distilled water at lunchtime today and recharging. tonight, after a night of slight revelations, after midnight, when i came home and looked at 450 plus pounds of potential energy sitting in my garage, i got my helmet. let me tell you about my ride:

i was only supposed to go around the block. that's what i told myself. but it's cool and the stars were out, so i went down ocean avenue and made a right onto the california incline and revved higher as i made my way down to the pacific coastal highway. there were no cars, only road. made a right, pushed into high gear, and could not hold back the fuck you smirk on my face. decided life was better than death, made a right at entrada road off the pch, a wide right haha (my heart was half in it), and headed up back towards santa monica. when i had to make a hard right to head up this steep hill, i shit you not, i knew i was going too fast to make that incline right but instead of slowing down, i PUT MY RIGHT FOOT DOWN and pressed hard right. for those of you not in the know, the right foot controls the back brake. so much for that, eh! it wasn't a conscious choice, just the choice i made at that moment. and so i leaned hard right, rolled off the throttle, put my foot down, and skidded through a right uphill corner. i loved it. when i came out of that turn alive, i gunned it. it if wasn't for that turn, i wouldn't be writing now.

i had the biggest shit eating grin when i came out of that corner and pushed into 4th up the hill. f'in a, i love my new moto.

i've named her.....


and she is the best thing ever


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