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Get His Hat (words from J.W.):
Hi, so sorry for the lack of words and what have you. They tell me I've been busy be it. Anyway I just had to tell someone about something I saw this weekend that maybe the rest of the world knows about and I'm just late getting around to witnessing some of the more sublime things in life. Anyway I went down to Philadelphia this past weekend (it was nothing really, they have a train that goes there) to visit my brother. My brother is my "kid" brother, younger than me by about five years, he's in Philadlephia working on his PhD. Anyway, one of the many things we did this weekend was attend a basketball game at Temple University which was a real good time. The game itself was just OK but the scene there was kind of amazing. So here comes the part that just blew me away....during one of the time outs these two kids came out with this cart and another person in a pig costume. From the cart they pulled out what appeared to be a giant hot dog. In fact it was a hot dog shaped hydraulic gun which (are you sitting down) they proceeded to load with hot dogs and fire into the crowd. I have really never seen anything like this. In fact I think I may have drove my brother nuts talking about it, which leads me to believe that the world knows about this and once again I am late hearing the news. Anyway, just wanted to tell someone about the kids shooting hot dogs from the hot dog shaped gun. Also, those hot dogs really moved. One of them came pretty close to us and actually landed in an empty seat two rows behind us. There was a loud slapping sound when the hot dog hit the back of the empty chair, it was pretty cool. My brother told me a couple of weeks ago they accidentally hit a camera man with a hot dog.

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