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Hello Frank and Tammy!

I've been assured that the babies foot and mouth is not bovine encephalitis and is contagious only through it's saliva and it's feces. This is good news on a Wednesday morning. A wednesday morning following a Tuesday in April Showers evening goddamned snowstorm short but unsweetened. My hands feel dirty after opening the mail and after typing on the keyboard and after sneeking out for a smoke. All the lights must be turned off before I leave the building. I feel much joy in my ignorance when a group of 18-20 year old dunces and their chap-erones visiting the brick walled yard of Harvard ask me if I know how to get to "what-teh-fuck hall" and I shrug and say "i don't know."

What's the capacity of a bus?

Sometime this week I need to visit cellar dweller friend Bruce and drag him up into the light. No doorbell, but if I jangle my car keys in front of his window he is sure to appear, smell of anticeptic cherry on the breath.

Stuff it, stuff it, stuff stuff.

Water plants. Deliver folder. Eat toast. Repeat.

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