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Frank and Tammi Throw Dice for Charity

Many spams in my in-box. You call yourself "Moistest Sinuous." Who are you and why are you so "hrony as hlel?" Why do you stand in front of the yellow line? You try and try to get me to purchase goods of no value to me. Send me spams about blue tuxedo shirts and I will bite. Teach me how to stuff envelopes faster and for more money. Teach me how to change the toner, remove the paper jam, eat more chocolate. Moistest Sinuous. Let me open you up. Let me let you fiz in my mouth.

Contact Moistest Sinuous on craigslist. Mutually agree on a price. Haggle for a meeting point. Moistest drives a silver car. Moistest wearing white overcoat. Meet in dark parkinglot in front of organic whole foods store. Trade goods for cash. Dirty bills. Crisp bills. hand over the tickets. Moistest drives away. Craigslist purchases always feel sketchy. Like drug deals. Cell phones gleam. Moistest on the run. Don't make eye contact. Nervous laugh. Make sure your hands don't touch. No flesh on flesh. Dirty bills bad enough stay away from dirty flesh. Moistest leers. Teeth flash. It's all over and heads are spinning.

French Moistest. Greets Bonjour. No Salutations. No goodbye. Only Cayacaman.

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