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How I spent the first day of the G20 summit
Gabriel had a pretty clear agenda on Saturday morning. He couldn't even eat breakfast, he was so excited.

Moments after we got to Sammy's 3rd birthday party, Gabriel and the birthday boy started to chant: "We want cake! We want cake!" Soon, a chorus of squeaky voices joined in.

The parents tried to distract the kids with hummus and crudites, but the preschoolers were unwavering in their demand. We contemplated force or the use of sound cannons, but instead we capitulated, lest they start to destroy property.

"Ten years ago, I was at the G8 protests in Quebec City," said Chris, as he balanced a plate of moist chocolate cake with green lettering on his knee. "And look at us now."

I hope that when the crumbs are swept up, and the parents returned with their offspring, safe to their homes, that we remember that there were many beautiful moments to that party, not just the those few minutes at the beginning, when it almost got ugly. And we will be proud that we appeased them rather than doled time outs. 

Their agenda was clear and their voices were strong. And it was very good cake.

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