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The Holy Grail of Value Village Finds
I've wanted a Le Creuset "French Oven"  for ages, but they are just so darn expensive. They are one of those timeless collectibles like bone china, that you inherit or get as a wedding gift. They are awesome. They braise to perfection, last forever. Every kitchenware fetishist must have one.

I always figured we'd find one, one day, at a flea market or an estate sale. Chris told me to be patient. He has sourced brand new air mattresses, designer clothes, new sneakers, and all sorts of treasures at thrift shops in the years I have known him. And today, he came home with this 7-quart baby:


I know. 20 bucks. The holy grail of Value Village finds. In case you are wondering, the proof:


It's always when you're not looking, they say. He was sourcing used tools when he noticed a brand new shipment of kitchen supplies coming in, with a familiar object perched on top. It was greasy and needed a good SOS pad treatment, but the craftsmanship was unmistakable. A determined, but significantly slower older woman had spotted the treasure at the same time, but her waddle was no match Chris' nimble reach. He transported his treasure home like a hunter with a fresh kill over his shoulder. I am so proud. A good scrub et voila! Le Creuset, she is ours!

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