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The Dots Were There All Along
The Girlfriend

Ever since G's besties moved up to the Kinder Room (pity the January baby!), A precocious princess-obsessed girl has claimed him as her boyfriend. She is already having a negative influence on him. How can I tell? The other day he used the word "enchanted".

I think she coerces him into playing "Family". She is short,bossy and flatters him a lot.  "That bracelet is cool!"  Do you think this is a template for future matches?

Is she your girlfriend? I asked him.
"Yes" he shrugged like it was totally no big deal.

What does that mean? asked Chris.

"When you are a boyfriend, it means you kiss. When you don't kiss, you're not a boyfriend anymore."

The Dots
I would love love love to know what is going on in G's head. He notices subtle details we've become oblivious to. Sometimes I remember: This is one of the reasons I wanted to have a kid. To remember how to look at stuff.

The other day he said "I want to go to the restaurant with the dots.

We could not, for the life of us, recall a resto with dots. G seemed impatient, struggled for more cues. He did not know the name, just that it had the dots. "The one that looks like THIS" he said, and made a totally inscrutable gesture with his hands.

"The one that has Sag Paneer," he adds (although he calls it sack pameer). Which boils it down to 3 Indian restos we frequent. But none of them had dots. Or so we thought.

A couple of weeks later, we went to Gerrard Street to our fave vegetarian Indian spot, Udupi Palace.
And this is what we discovered. The dots were there all along!

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