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Business attire
This morning we all went to the dentist early. No time to contemplate a cute outfit, so I throw on a pair of corduroy harem pants (that were supposed to be fashion forward when i got them last year, but fashion has yet to catch up) and a light blue sweatshirt.

When I dropped G off at school, he put a fabulous pasta and pipe cleaner bracelet he'd made on me. What a sweetheart.

Then Chris and I went for ramen soup and I got a fabulous broth stain over my right breast. No biggie, right?

So this is the state of my comport when I arrived at work to discover I had a very *important* meeting with *important* people. In harem pants, a pasta braclet and a stained sweatshirt.

Now what can I tell you about my plans for F11? Will you take me seriously?

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