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Harvest Moon Playlist
I went to chase the full harvest moon last night, with mixed results. You can't go chasing a moon. It has to find you, unexpected, peeking through skyscrapers, impossibly large and tinged with orange, improbably massive.
That said, you can plan a full moon playlist. And I know I left out the Neutral Milk Hotel song. I just don't like it that much.
without further ado, here's my playlist. You can listen to it here.

I Harvest Moon - Neil Young
Waterboys - Whole of the Moon
Neko case - I wish I were the moon
Waiting for the Moon to Rise - Belle and Sebastian
White Moon- The White Stripes
Honey and the Moon - Joseph Arthur
The Moon - Cat Power
Sail to the Moon -Radiohead
Pink Moon - Nick Drake
I wished on the moon -Billy Holliday
I'll Shoot the Moon - Tom Waits
Paper Moon - Whiskey Town
Sad Little Moon - Magnetic Fields
Moon Dreams - Miles Davis
The Moon is Down - Explosions in the Sky
Moon Child - M83
Kelly Watch the Stars - Air
Moon Blue - Stevie Wonder
Moon Dreams - Miles Davis

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