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O.K, this week I am going to be such a phenomenal worker. I will be an inspiration to my colleagues. I will be active, proactive, and confident. I will propose a really excellent story idea, even though I am not expected to. I will show that it is really good that they have such a hip, young writer here with her finger on the pulse--that I can do so much more than web stuff. I will brush my hair every day and tie it back in a smart bun.

I will not wear the t-shirt with the kitten hanging off the branch.

OK, so I really want this secondement. They asked if I would like to be part of this online community project, and my manager said 'no', but I asked really nicely, could I please be seconded? And she said: "yes. cuz we want you to be happy. But please come back."

So now I am waiting for the word from the folks doing the project. Please email me or something...I really want the new job. And new hours.

Oh, and this morning I almost got killed by a car. Stupid drivers. Had I crossed a second earlier, I'd be in hospital. Makes you think about stuff like timing and guardian angels.

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