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O.K., so yesterday, my first day as a super, proactive, tidy employee did not go as well as planned.i found this really cool site with shockwave games, one of which lets you be a frog and zap bugs with your tongue. It took up a bit of the proactive time. *zap*

I promised I would not wear whimsical clothing to draw attention to myself, but everyone is commenting on my legwarmers, as if they are trying to let me know that they are in on my joke. Hey, I *like* my legwarmers. They are functional and stylish.

A good thing they don't know that under my sweater, I am wearing my "someone went to guyana and bought me this beautiful t-shirt" shirt. It is, admittedly, ironic, being an ugly t-shirt and all.

I bought my editor a coffee today. And I will brush my hair. As soon as I post this.

They are doing the openhouse for the public at the CBC today, and everyone is staring at the radio announcers, shocked to see them in person, and gawking at the incongruity of their mental picture-meets-real life. There are hundreds upon hundreds of people here. don't they have jobs? (sorry, rich and matt)

Families are walking past my window, staring at me for an uncomfortable amount of time as I work at my computer. I am tempted to start scratching my armpits or drag my knuckles on the ground.

Once I saw a monkey mastrubating at the zoo.

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