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I get so mad at suity talk sometimes. Cutesy sayings like "quick 'n' dirty" and "dog's breakfast" and "all our ducks in a row" --suity, biz-talk expressions that mask a threatening meaning--they make me want to react violently. I meant the last entry in a Sigourney Weaver Death and the Maiden context. I thought it sounded threatening , not provocative, but as we say in Canda "chacun au son poutine."

What a Canadian weekend! On Saturday Adam and I went ot see a hokey movie about curling called Men With Brooms and then went home and watched hockey and read Canadian plays and fell asleep early so that we could go curling the next day with Trash and Piggy.

9:30 in the morning, throwing the rock down the ice of the indoor rink at Broadview and Queen, freezing my ass off with our crew of theatre people and two pre-teens while the senior citizens in the next lanes repeatedly shouted: "hurry! hurry! harder!"--something that has always sounded kinda funny and itchy to me, like hearing your parents talk about sex.

But I have to say, it was so much fun. I never thought I'd do it. And I was actually kind of good at it. Perhaps I have finally found my sport!

Another thing I did that I never do: I went to see a musical. Adam got free tickets to The Lion King. Now I have sworn off big-budget musicals ever since, well, I was forced to sit through Miss Saigon in London. I vowed that I would never pay for orchestrated melodrama again. But these tickets were free. Conclusion? Those musical people can put on quite a spectacle, I have to say. I couldn't have put it better than the 5-yr old behind me, who bravely announced during the Hyaena fight scene: "I am not even scared at this part!"

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