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Congratulations to Rich and Elana who got engaged last night. good people who dig each other and are a very fun to hang with. And it is cool, cuz it is obvious they really *like* one another.which is kinda important. I also spoke to Rebecca (engaged to Mark) last night who says that she is eager to "show me her ring" (fully aware of what a hilarious statement that is). And although these two couples in unrelated social circles, there is a distinct feeling in the air: Bring on the weddings!

And this is not to diminish the potential beauty of marriage. Every time either Adam or I mock-propose to each other (each time chosing a more unsuitable venue, like scribled on the back of a quiz at our Young Drivers of Canada class --check one box for yes, no, or maybe--or while vomiting from bad draft beer) we laugh ourselves silly. And I am stubborn, just like I was when I was a teen and refused to wear logos or engage in "conventional" behaviour, I am digging my heels in. I love the idea of a party for all your friends and stomping on the glass, and yes, even the friggin hora (although Israeli dancing generally makes me anxious). But if it is going to be in fashion, then I refuse to do it! I am such a tard.

Heh. Adam just called me up at work and said: "so you wanna get married?" in a really whiny voice.

Didja all read this hi-larious article in Satire Wire?

Last night I dreamt that I had died and gone to heaven. And heaven had all these rules, but generally, you got what you wished for. Heaven had grey skies, but it was not raining. And there was a waiter there who was this goof I had a pointless fling with a long time ago.

I am thinking of going on a diet, but not the "1/2 cup of yogurt" kind. The kind that makes you feel all pristine and healthy, and energized, while bringing you back from the purgatory that is neither size 8 nor 10. Any suggestions?

I went to this gig on Friday night at the steamwhistle with and paul. I liked Lindi's music so much, I got her CD, only to find that it was not as good as her live stuff. I hate it when that happens. and she had this note on her cd cover that said "track # 7 is dedicated to all innocent victims of war" which was sweet, and all, but youknow....?

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