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I thought I was off folk music--it started to make me itchy, like religion, and people who use words like visceral and organic. But I used to love this song and only recently discovered it was by Cindy Kallet.

Crow mobbin' up a hawk on soar
Clouds soaring in the sky
Me, I'm down here on this rocky old earth
Working on wings to fly, good lord, I'm workin on wings to fly

New friends catchin' up affairs tonight
He's gonna haul 'em till the stars come tumblin' down
Me I'm ridin high tonight
Dreamin' of him comin' around Good Lord, thinkin' of him comin' around

Geese come risin out of the field, headed to the eastern shore
Me I'd fly on every wing
Just find you something more dear friend,
Just to give you something more

Shearwater swoopin on an old gray whale, north winds whippin' up the sea
These cold autumn days make me run with joy
Lookin' for a way to be free Good Lord
Lookin' for a way to be free

This moon's gonna keep me walkin' tonight,
The sky's gonna make me sing
All I want is to share with you
Something of this feeling dear man, something of this feeling

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