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I am in Montreal where there is no such think as a non-smoking section, staying in the Engles' place, a big home in Mile End with a huge bathtub which is where Sarah served me a cappuccino this morning. ahhhh. what a good friend. When I got here she had made peanut rice noodles with shrimp and apple-beet salad, then we fell asleep in front of The Scent of Green Papaya. My appetite is back. Exactly what doc ordered. here are some words from Sarah:

The Engles are like my family away from hime, and I have been unofficially living here since things soured with my petite French roommate Agathe. the situation has gotten really bad between us. Some time a few weeks ago I had obnoxously loud sex really late at night (thinking that she wasn't home.) The next day in retaliation she blasted the television at top volume until 1:00 a.m. The image of my unhappy, chainsmoking roommate watching a Chris Farley movie dubbed into french with the utmost seriousness made me realise how far we had fallen. I have taken refuge with David, Janis and Ariel ever since. What a blessing. Oh, by the way 'Hi Josh'!

That was a message from Sarah. And BTW, Agathe is truly that bizarre.
So Sarah and I went to the cutest little breakfast place at the corner of St. Laurent and St. Viateur. It is gorgeous, bright, cheap and serves yummy food. We drank 3 allongee espressos and now we are really wired and tired and full. We listened to the Cat Power cover of Wonderwall and now I can't get it out of my head!
Hi Josh.

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