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Last night, Walter who lives upstairs, had two friends over, and, I mean, how were they to know that I had to get up at 6 for work on a holiday Monday, right? But the non-stop clomping drove me mental. I was furious. This morning, they were still awake and we met in the hall while I was on my way to work. So I said: "hey, you guys were really loud. Take yer shoes off next time."
And I couldn't help but smile, cuz they were stinking. What is it about drunk people that makes them think that if they stand really close to you, you will understand where they are coming from?

Oh, God, I almost blocked this out. I lost my keys somewhere on the way to the Ramones Tribute benefit at the Horseshoe. Fuuuck. And Adam still had his set of keys. And I SWEAR I did not do this on purpose. So I called Adam to let me in and turn over his keys while he was at it. We were both too burned out to have any heavy talk. I just said thank you, gave him more of his stuff, let him out. This is so sad.

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