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Today is all about vomit. Not that I am throwing up, or anything. But this naked chicken story is making me want to barf my spelt focaccia all over the keyboard.

Last night I biked through vomit. 'Gross,' I thought. But then I thought I saw a pool of water ahead. 'I'll drive through it, and wash the wheels off,' I thought.But it was another pool of vomit. And a car passed me so close, I was forced to ride through it.

All told, there were six pools of vomit on Spadina between Dundas and College.

The top story today is all about Shigella bacteria found in a "greek-style" pasta salad that is giving everyone food poisoning.

In Afghanistan, the British troops have come down with what is being dubbed "the winter vomiting" bug.

We lit off fireworks for Victoria Day weekend in Grange park last night. Joey played a rather rowdy version of God Save Our Queen as the bottle rockets soared. "Wrong Country!" shouted Wisconsin-bred Paul.Turns out the Yanks subverted the Lyrics to God Save Our Queen and turned it into 'My country 'tis of thee'".

You know, I have not cried for two days.

Go Leafs! I have a Wagner-wager over the 'Canes-Leafs series.

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