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Last night I was on my way to the Cadillac Lounge with Josh for a hipster subculture beauty pageant, but it was filled to capacity.

So instead we drove to the brickworks off the Bayview Extension, and walked around the nature reserve where they have marshlands and a slope that shows rock formations from an ice age, an age warmer than today, another glacial age, and then now.
We drove for a while in the parking lot. He tried to teach me to drive standard. I have to remember when I am in reverse. I am a bad, bad driver. We drove in so many circles, I almost threw up.
But it was a good night, all in all, and I am glad I avoided the hipsters.

The air is suffused with the smell of lilacs and lily of the valley right now. So sweet and perfumey and dreamy. When I am not raging at the disappointment and emotional retardation that is Adam, I am swooning with spring.

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