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Wow, a lot of people did that test. Mr. Miyagi, I am sorry things seem a bit bleak for us.

There is the most annoying, invasive ebay ad on my desktop and I can't shut it off without completely shutting down explorer. Argh.

I made the best achey-breaky breakup mix last night. Here are the songs:

1.One--Johnny Cash
2.Natural Beauty--Neil Young
3.Always--Oh Susannah
4. Awful Bliss--GBV
5. Esther's Day--GBV
6. Get Along Little Dogie (Dogie's Lament)
7.Don't think twice, it's alright: Dylan
8.So much wine:the Handsome Family (mp3)
9.Rosemary Moore--Caitlin Cary (mp3)
10.You changed your mind: Chris Isaak
11. That feel--Tom Waits
13. Janine--Soul Coughing
14.Can't take it with you--Tom Waits
15.Who will sing me lullabies?--Kate Rusby (mp3)

In high school, I always found making mixed tapes to be incredibly therapeutic. But I discovered that listening to them gets a bit redundant. An old friend once said that compilations ruined albums, cuz when you go back to the album, you end up expecting the song from your mix to follow instead of the proper, sequential song in the album. well.
What are your favorite breakup songs?
If you want a copy of this cd and I know you, let me know and I'll burn one for you (sorry MPAA).

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