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I went for a beer last night with Malcolm ex. It is so amazing to sit across from someone who used to cause me such emotional angst and feelnothing more than benign friendship.
Hmmmm. I know what you are thinking.

It is so weird to be single. I'd almost forgotten. The idea of dating is...well...horriffic. I certainly am not ready. And judging by the hostility I feel towards most members of the opposite sex (I really apologize) I would recommend staying away from me. But I seem to be getting asked out a bit. I guess there are a lot of masochists out there.

Right now I am re-reading "The Birds of America" by Lorrie Moore. Her stories are just perfect. And hilarious. Last night I re-read Which is more than I can say about most people. It perfectly captures the repulsion specific to the physicality of parents--their horrible adult odors and secrets. Sometimes I worry about having kids for that reason. No one will ever be more loved and more repellant than your own mother.

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