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Steve's Dream
I'd be honoured to make a guest appearance on Pony. You can add this, too - is it just me or is everyone getting emails that finish with "yo"? S.

It's 5:40 AM and I don't know why but I'm still up. I had a crazy nap earlier today and I'm suitably screwed up as a result. I wouldn't even call it a nap. It was a solid sleep. I dreamt I was in Newfoundland, revisiting a creepy home on a windy peninsula I'd visited in a previous dream. Only this time it was for a family reunion. Myself and a bunch of others helped get a beached whale off a shoal. It was quite exciting. It was an added thrill when the whale then turned into a pretty girl and kissed me. Later, I saw her again, working at a chip wagon or something in the neighbouring town. She gave me a knowing smile.


here is my unqualified interpretation:

Homes are, of course, the self.

Windy peninsula: isolation

whale: gentle, calm compassion, encompassing absolution.

Beached whale that you and others are helping: a return to your self, to freedom, to possibilities (with the help of others--could be optiism in social life or an awareness that you are harnessing multiple aspects of your self)

The pretty girl and the chip shop? hmmmmm. I think that just means you like girls and french fries.

anyhow, what do I know?

In my dreams, people are constantly giving me knowing smiles. I wonder if that means anything.

Thanks for the dream analysis. Don't know how accurate it is but it sure sounds nice.

Anyone do dream interpretation?

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