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So I went to weekend retreat near Montreal and all the lectures were in French. I spoke so much French I thought my face would fall off. But it was a good chance to meet people and talk about Africa. Niger. Senegal. Morocco. Niger sounds amazing. I think if my french were fluent, I'd almost for sure get in. 100 candidates. 10 get in. what are my chances?

Neoliberalim is appartently the new neo-conservatism. mondilisation. l'economie globale. on va au bouf la. c'est quois ce truc? l'impérialisme américain. Tu as vraiment vingt neuf ans? whoa. j'ai pensee que tu as vingt quatre.

A lot of the lectures brushed on Israeli oppression of the palestinians. Someone actually said to me: But if you were a zionist you wouldn't be on this weekend. Am I the only one who does not think zionism is a bad word?

"hello, my name is Iyad."
"Hi, good to meet you. I am Adina"
"where is that name from?"
"Hebrew. It means gentle."
"Are you Israelienne?"
"No, I am Jewish"
[thin smile]"Oh, I don't have a problem with the jewish people. Just the Israeliens."

Thanks for your magnanimous attitude, buddy.

Politics can make people shrill and unctuous. But it also forces people to do some serious mental gymnastics. And for now, I am kinda craving the workout.

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