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When I got to Montreal, Sarah and Bobby, who have become friends (yay!) were making dinner. And Bobby made the most gorgeous dinner. Lamb baked with herbs he had picked in Croatia. Risotto with Shitake mushrooms. Smoked artichokes in herbed oil that ran down my chin. Olives. roasted peppers. Three gorgeous cheeses. Rabbit pate with pistachios (I don't eat pate, but I hear it was yum). Sarah made watercress-endive salad. There was white wine and elderflower water. Loveyly Jonah came by to eat, too.

Bobby showed me picture of Croatia. Who would have known it would be so gorgeous there? And he gave me a bottle filled with water and orange, white, and yellow rocks from Hvar. If I were a designer I would say they were amber, eggshell, and mustard colour.

For dessert we had tarte au sucre and grapes as big as plums. And white port. I have friends who like to pamper each other. And that is so --good.

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