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So they called me from Alternatives and said I made the first round of cuts. Then they told me that I have to show up for the interview Wedensday. Great. Except I will be in Vancouver on Wednesday. And my father, who I have only seen on 2 occasions in my adult life sent me the ticket. ANd I took a week, unpaid, off work to go. And I don't think I can change the ticket (that he bought for me).

I am pissed off. How far do I have to go to prove that I am interested? I have not had a vacation in years. But I want to go to Africa/India more than anything. They have only given me 6 days notice (not even enough time to buy a cheap train ticket!) to get to Montreal for the interview. They have only ever selected one person by phone and she apparently kicked all kinds of ass.

So what do I do?

The whole world has gone topsy-turvy. Our prime minister actually made sense yesterday. Chrétien says Western world 'arrogant ... greedy''

On second thought, maybe not..."When you're powerful like you are, you guys, this is the time to be nice," said the PM (addressing Wall Street).

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