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I got a $50 massage yesterday whose effects lasted for about 2 hours. I think I might go visit an acupuncturist this aft. Ever since I went to the dentist, my shoulders have been making a steady climb to my ears, culminating with a thrumming spasm in my neck.

Hey, did I tell you all that I am going to Vancouver for a week? Cuz I am. Only it turns out to be the worst timing, ever.

extro for Chrisbug: 1)With Africa news pending, it is stressful. If they accept me, I may only have 1 week to sublet my apt, quit my job, pack, move, and find place to stay in MTL.

2)In my mind, I have Indian summer plans I have with someone I like a lot. You can laugh and point fingers all you want, but I will miss that. him. There you go. A boy. I mean, a man, I mean, what happened to invisible text?

3)Yeah, and my Dad sent me the ticket. Only I don't know him so well. I opened the whole can of worms about 3 years ago. And I am glad I did. But it won't be relaxing, or anything. What should I do with my free time in Vancouver? Any ideas? Anyone?

Last night, finally, the heat broke.

Shhh...somewhere there is a loop of someone playing Amazing Grace on the bag pipes. Do you hear it? I think my new fillings are picking it up.

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