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My dad and I went for a bikride today. He lent my his wife''s flourescent yellow raincoat with matching nylon backpack and 15-year old white helmet. I looked like a retarded child. he told me I looked sharp.

We had a coffee at Starbucks and discussed Israeli politics which gives me a stomach ache and then we cycled to Granville Island. We had some lunch, but he had forgotten his wallet at Starbucks and had to turn back.

As we parted ways, i rode past my old school and got a bit nostalgic over the field (much smaller now) where I used to play games of British Bulldog. Then I came back here and checked my email.

Shabbat dinner at a friend's house. They remember me from when I was 3. I told them I work at the CBC. I am going to work for a humanitarian organisation in Africa. I spoke spanish to a mexican girl. I smiled a lot. I did not swear.

My cousin, who is an acting student who loves musicals and his anwswering machine is him or a woman singing "this is ""'s phone, puh--leee---eez leee--eeve a messsssaaaage" in full showtune is taking me out for a beer with his friends to the college bar for a 1st year social.

I will behave. Tomorrow I will meet babies and coo. I will see my old aunts at the old folks home. Yes, I will get all my shots before I go to Africa. Yes, I know it is dangerous there. You don't say? White slavery? Shocking. I hope I don't get kidnapped. If I return, I will undoubtedly be riddled with parasites and diseases.

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