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Today, looking at the familiar, picturesque Northshore skyline with the mansions nestled among majestic pines, and the mythic lion heads or twin sisters (there are two legends)peaks*. I tried to capture some of the awe visitors feel towards Vancouver and I came up dry.

Think of my reaction to the view as being like your reaction to something like that supposedly impressive painting hanging above the mantelpiece at your parents' home – the creation of your uncle Seymour who was once a gifted artist, but later became a real estate agent or a systems analyst.

And you have seen this one work of art so many times, you can only dimly recognize its genius. Sadly, it always reminds you of compromise.
Where is the mythic BC pot? I am so stressed. More dog and pony tonight. 10 ppl came for dessert at my dad's. They were sweet, but I am knackered.

My 21-year-old cousin was actually cool last night (for an actor). I was in a perverse mood, and insisted that his friends call me Cuz. I maybe embarassed him when I told him that I have a picture of us at my bat mitzvah me in pink denimn and lace, holding him at 5 as he squirmed.

And this morning, I met my 1st cousin Alan for the 1st time since I was 3. And I have to say, he was very, very cool. And word to my new cousin Sasha, the cutest, smiliest baby ever. And Alan's partner Karen also rocked. I felt sad that I did not get a chance to know him sooner. So many funny moments, comparing scars, competing versions of history, questions galore, and shyness. But so good.

*...the story of the two sisters who, long before Captain George Vancouver sailed into English Bay, brought peace to the Native communities of the region and who were subsequently honoured by being transformed into the twin peaks that dominate the North Shore skyline. Today, these peaks are widely known as the Lions."*

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