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It has been a week in Montreal, and I am finally in my "own" place. After a week of drowning in Francophone madness, I had a chill weekend with Sarah, painting her place, eating good food, and loving the English language.

I am now at the new place, close to Jean Talon market. I have always had a fixation on outdoor markets. I get so excited by the colors, the bustle, the shiny peppers, the baskets of apples the big bunches of basil and strings of garlic.

Yesterday I rode my bike, and with 20 dollars in my hand, loaded down on leeks, basil, rapini, gala apples, lemons, chili peppers.... I was riding back, the sun all warm on my face, and the smell of a massive bunch of basil in my bike basket, and i had one of those moments. you know? When all of your senses seem to be harmonizing to create this perfect embodiment of "now". It is kind of shocking how seldom I feel the heartbeat of "now", but when I do, I find myself wishing that I could be around everyone I love, scoop them up and bring them into that moment.

This whole grassroots organization thingy is making me all flakey, perhaps.

This week I am at a conference for internet communities and digital rights. Richard Stallman is here. i will pull on his pigtail for you if you ask real nice.

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