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trop grandes
All the stagiares went to Foufounes after the carrefour at UQAM. Don't worry if that sentence makes no sense.

I drank many beers tonight. And I am so honoured that they are speaking English to me, so I should not poke fun (and my french is the real joke here if you think about it), but here are some funny sentences from some adorable Francophones:
On losing virginity: "The first time I slept I was 13."
On death: "His grandfather gave away last week."
On Mariah Carey: "I don't like her. She has too many big boobies."

Hung out with Alabama Eric in his apartment that he shares with a really young goth girl and Scott from the Snitches. We talked about our love lives and families. Funny to see exes once you are ready to be friends. The steady heartbeat. The warm recognition. And the surprising sobriety of it all. 'I felt what?'
He has been eating a lot of poutine and smoking lots of cigarettes. He used to work out and think about health. We can all be extreme I guess.

On Eric's kitchen table:
An empty pitcher of OJ
A binder for a production of The Maids that has been cancelled
A full ashtray
An empty pack of gauloise blondes leger
Grolsch beer empties
surprisingly, no vermin
a yellow hardcover book with no dustjacket
A black phone covered in stickers

Every cupboard door was open.

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