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I can not bear team activities. I don't know if it is because I was taunted as a child, but any time I am asked to do something in a group, I get a deep impulse to rebel against it all.
This past weekend all the stagiaires had to go to this farm. We were shepherded from one activity to the next, ostensibly to "train" us for our trip overseas. Perhaps it was poorly planned, but we had no time to ourselves. We had to do improv scenes in French. At night the acoustic guitars broke out. Which was fine. That is what you do on weekends at farms, right?
By day 3, I was ready to scream. I wanted good coffee, free time, and personal space. I was deeply grumpy and very close to faking sick.
I remember this one time at summer camp that I was so desperate for peace and quiet, I started crying and hyperventillating. I could not tell anyone how sick I was of the cabin and games of crazy 8's, and letters home, and not getting care packages and eating in a cafeteria, and changing in front of everyone.

I am suddenly questioning how cool I am gonna be about little personal space in India. Do you think they will make me sing folk music in India? Or do improv theatre in French?

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