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I am a bad Canadian. I just realised that I gave up on my French a few weeks ago. Now our group is like a family where the parents speak one language and the kids defiantly answer in the other. We take turns being parents and kids. I am exhausted right now. We all are. In a way that defies either official language. So much to do. So much work. So many important errands. So many activist lecturers in French. Not enough tech training. I thought I was going to learn database creation and javascript. Nope. I end up showing people photoshop shortcuts. And I am not even good at photoshop.

Last week, when we went for Indian food in Park Ex, a man came up to our table and looked at Sarah with a huge grin."You have a laugh from the heavens," he said. "It is God Gifted." We were telling embarassing poo and puke stories. And laughing to beat the band. Sarah has a wonderfully contagious, eccentric laugh. The man kept coming back and saying: "Like heaven. God Gifted."

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