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Never go backto Jaipur
This city is one big hassle. Sasha and I simply cannot avoid being hassled here by rickshaw drivers and touts. I fantasize screaming at them and mooning them and all sorts of things, but really, ignoring works best. The most persistent of them all was this one guy last night who started following us. "Listen. We want to be alone. Every guy who wants to take us to his uncle's shop, ask us on a date, or sell us somethings. We have boyfriends. We are tired. We want to be alone. This is the last day of our vacation. Please do not be offended when we tell you to go away."

No dice. Forget explaining anything. It is all a game for them. We called this guy bugs bunny. He appeared on foot, in a rickshaw, on a motorcycle, on a bicycle. "Hello Canada! Please! Why are you so suspicious! Please!!!!" All in this terrible throaty, whiny,high-pitched voice. At one point we were surrounded by 4 men and one women (with baby) grabbing our arm, saying 'Chappatti!' as her baby cried. This was curfew worse than Kashmir. We retreated to the Atithi guesthouse, drank beer and did not venture our until this aft when we needed to buy food for the train.
17 hours train ride to Mumbai. All I have to eat is starch.
So glad to be leaving Jaipur.

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