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New Year in Bombay/Mumbai
Bombay is wonderful and so much more relaxed than any other Indian city I have seen. The south rocks!
The food is incredible!
Bhelpurri and dosas and idly and yummy veggie thalis and I am getting very fat, I think.
The train ride was close to 20 hours, and we sat across from the Rajasthan minister of social welfare, jails, and soldier welfare. He farted and snored in his sleep. He had a smithers-like secretary who did everything for him and an armed guard.
At least we did not have toworry about the safety of our bags....
rolling into Mumbai Central this morning, I saw no less than 50 people pooing . It was like a festival!
Shanty towns that go on forever.
Kids playing cricket onthe beach and following me and sasha around.
5-flavour ice cream.
A head massage that basically involved a man layting out a blanket onthe sand and smacking my head for 5 minutes.
There is a roundabout in this city called Horniman circle. Say it out loud.
tomorrow I go to visit Communalism Combat HQ.

Happy new year. Write me emails if you have not already.
Be good. Kiss strangers. Or at least talk to a stranger. Thinking of all of you.

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