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open letters aug 25
Dear Grandma, tomorrow would have been your 92 birthday. I miss you.

Dear Josh, the pictures you sent from London were beautiful. I am glad you got that high-end digital camera. I will post the picture of the ice cream man at the bottom of this page.

Dear Josh and Dana and sister Lisa in Tel Aviv: I know it is practically impossible to do this, but please be careful in the next few days of terror alert.

Dear Jackie and Matt, I can't wait to see you this weekend! I wish you were coming for longer but please do not interperet this as a guilt trip. There is just so much I would like to do with you both!

Dear Dave and Abi and Matt: Happy birthdays! Thanks for saying you liked the pudding cake. I think it was a bit undercooked.

Dear Chris: Thank you for sewing my hem and making me spaghetti at midnight. You are the most domestic manly man I know.

Dear fleas: Please don't make me use a nasty pesticide.

Dear John, I know that you are quite old and live downstairs and Mary tells me that you are going to die soon of cancer. Do you need me to come over some time soon?

Dear Mom, are you sure that you don't want a birthday party?

Dear Mifune, I know you are dead, but I have a total major crush on you ever since I saw Red Beard two weeks ago. They say you were a belligerent alchoholic, but in my mind, you are all man.

Dear Sarah, I am sorry you did not come up this weekend. It would have been so lovely to see you.

Dear friends I may or may not be trying to set up: I thought last night went very well, you?

photo by Josh Meles

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