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I have always wanted to be one of those people who:
Chews their food well
Stops eating when they are full
Is addicted to exercise
Recycles well and consistently
Does yoga at home but doesn't talk about it in public
Is always fair and honest
Takes good care of their skin
Doesn't fuck with their zits when stressed
Knows exactly what to do with their hair type
Listens really well and asks great questions
Is able to avoid slipping into the vortex of an idea mid-conversation and scaring people.
Is able to hone their spacey-ness into a mysterious, charming, artist eccentricity.
Writes long letters
Is fearless with powertools
Is naturally good at a sport like basketball
Is not afraid to shine, but doesn't hog the spotlight
Has impeccable spelling
Does their taxes and knows how to drive
Was raised in two languages
Doesn't have a student loan
Avoids gossip in a non-righteous way
Gives gifts randomly and purposefully, but not predictably
Writes more more more more than a blog
Treats people as though already are the people they are trying to be
Feels inspired more often than envious
Will always kick your ass at pool
Knows how to sail and ride horses
Can drink you under the table
Children and animals instinctively trust
Has an impeccable grasp of geopolitical issues.
Is going to leave a legacy
Doesn't compare self to other people

But I am thankful, really, for what I am. Don't get me wrong. I am lucky. And greedy

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