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The Februaries
My birthday happens to take place in the worst month of the year. Who wants to go out on February? Who is in a good mood? February is a time when people are so sick of the grey, frozen ground, sick of bracing for cold, sick of being broke.

But people DID come out for my birthday and it was lovely. I got presents, flowers, balloons, hugs, and even a song dedicated to me. I was surrounded by the most ecclestic array of people from various points of my life. I got to see The Freckles perform their first public gig. Which was awe-inspiring. Everyone should take up an instrument at 30 (we got Julia a bass guitar a coupla years ago).

So after a weekend surrounded by wonderful friends who showed their love (Sarah even came to town from Montreal) I got to start a new job at a very cool place, surrounded by lovely people with actual work to do.

I am trying my best to kick the shit out of this grey and frozen February. All bets should be placed on me, ok?

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