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Tooker Gomberg
Tooker Gomberg has died. The first guy I ever voted for when I was elligible (yes, partly because he went into a bank dressed as robin hood).

Then I found out he was a bicycle advocate,a staunch environtmentalist, and an activist with a keen sense of humour and theatre. At one point, he tore up his passport in Amsterdam, I think in response to Canada's failure to ratify the Kyoto accord.

The past few years, they say, depression has been hampering his enthusiasm, and a few days ago, he left his bike and helmet on a bridge in Halifax and leapt.

I never spoke with him, but that image of the last moment brings tears to my eyes. A time when destructive forces have frightening energy, it breaks my heart to think we have lost this energetic, provocative, and funny man.

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