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Zip the monkey

back reads: Dorene 1 yr. old Dorothy and Frank
print dated February 1960.

Found this image at a garage sale. I have this weird collection of old photographs of people I have never met. I pick them up at garage sales and book stores. I know it is strange, but to me it is kind of like buying a book. There is a whole story there when you look at it.

As much as I love them, Monkeys can be scary in a way that would make a clown run up a tree. But that would be dumb, cuz the monkey would *so* catch him.

Chris got me this mangey antique monkey from SplishSplash last summer, and I made him get rid of it. It was one of those antique, wind-up monkeys with the cymbals, the red overalls, and the maniacal grin. The worst part is that about two minutes after you think he is done stomping and crashing cymbals, he inexplicably does one, final, shuddering crash, before coming to a lopsided stop. *shudder*

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