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My favorite day this year: I spent all of cold Saturday in bed with the object of my affection reading paper, listening to the radio, eating french toast, staring at aforementioned person for ages.

Yesterday I ate only carbs, including toast, pizza, sandwich, cookie, sandwich. When I am nervous I eat carbs. I do not know, exactly, why i was nervous.

I have been postponing the same project for one year. I would feel immense gratification if it were done.

I wish I could have the hours back I spent watching the OC and The Simple Life in order to finish said project.

As a teen, I used to dance to the extended version of "dazed and confused" using bold, interpretive dance movements that make me shudder in retrospect.

Sometimes, I find it really gross watching someone else eat. I feel horrible for thinking that. I would like to be earthier. It was a mistake watch K-Pax this weekend, because it was goddawful, and because it featured Kevin Spacey - who is repulsive- eating a lot of fruit.

I am really glad that corporate casual attire is over, and I can wear my red hoodie to work again. I should probably stop dressing like a 12-year-old.

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