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A good stretch
Last night chris and I went to this 2.5 hour flow yoga class. It was lo-ong. We stretched and twisted so much I thought I was going to be sick.

You know, I really like yoga, but the noises they want you to make can be a bit embarassing.

Like the "breath of joy" and all the vaguely erotic-sounding "haaaaaa" breaths, and those who do that freaky-sounding back of your nose/throat breath.

With teachers, I get really pissed off if they are too pedantic, telling you to treat your body like a child who "needs understanding, attention, tolerance". I mean, stop telling me how to experience this, and show me how to stretch! I am not here for religious instruction!

Oh yeah, the three ohms are ok, i guess, but can we please skip the long sanskrit chant? If I wanted to hear chanting, I'd buy the cd.

Which brings me to music. the gutteral chants, the lorena mcwhatserface-like lilith fair music, the ambient forest pan flute...enough! Musical taste is subjective. and when music is bad, I can't relax.

Which is really what it is all about, right? chilling out, stretching, balancing, relaxing, slowing down your hyperactive brain and remembering how to breathe deeply. When yoga is good, you come out all limber, with your voice low and smooth.

Forget the chanting, the pedantic teachers, the trendy yoginis on a spiritual quest. I just go for a good stretch. cuz when it is right, everything feels good.

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