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The Genies, not the Geminis, not the Junos
You ever heard of the Genie Awards?
They are the Canadian Oscars.

Our department is working on a live trivia event that you can play with your itv app or your desktop computer and enter to win prizes.
For the past few weeks, this has been a major focus. Canadian film up the wazoo. Ask me about the history or our nation's film, I will be able to answer. Who has won the most genies for best director? Why, funny you should ask, it is David Cronenberg. That is seriously one of the questions. Claude Jutra's first Genie entry stunned the judges. It was called "mouvement perpetuel" and he made this experimental film when he was just 17.

If no one plays this trivia event, I will feel like I have been toiling away in obscurity. So please play. You can win an ipod!
go to this site tomorrow at 8 and you could win an ipod! I swear. (You hafta be a canadian resident)

For the past two days I have been playing the Pixies live concert album non-stop. I know all the words, which is impressive, since so many of them are nonsensical words that are pleasing to say.
"I was talking to preachy preach about kissy kiss"
Good stuff.

Today, for the sake of the person beside me at work, i am playing the Franz Ferdinand cd (thanks, E!). Incidentally, also good stuff. They remind me of soft cell and modern english. I like that sound. As soon as I figger out the lyrics, I will start singing along,too.

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