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Monday's Child is full of grace, Tuesday's Child is Fair of Face
Dear Sydney,

Right now you are getting all ready to make your appearance. In a few more hours you will be here. Your mom says it feels like period cramps without meds. Now I have done some reading, and I know that it gets much, much worse. And then the nice doctor comes and she brings an epidural. Your mom will feel much better after this. This is NOT an encouragement to try drugs. Stay off the drugs unless there is a large infant's head trying to maneuver through your cervix.

I hear that you have been upside down for a few days now. When you get out, they are going to flip you around and smack you on the bum. You will probably get a headrush and feel funny and cry. You will also be covered in goo. But that's ok. Your mom will also be covered in goo. Tons of it. But it will all be very beautiful and not gross at all. Because it is about you appearing in the world. The first baby. First granddaughter. First niece. There is only one first, and that is pretty cool.

When I was a baby, your mom took really good care of me. And she was only a little girl. Think how great she is going to be at it now as a grownup!

I am getting all teary and I am bursting with excitement. I can't wait to hold you. I can't wait to watch you grow up, cuz you are definitely going to be one gorgeous, brilliant, hilarious and fearsomely tall person. So now all you've got to do is hold tight. When the space is big enough, swim or slide out -whatever you crazy babies do- take a big breath and give a big scream. I can't wait to meet you.

UPDATE: Sydney was born at 10 am on July 27. She is bright pink and having her first snack.

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