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I finally got a cellphone. As Cory announced last night, I am marching proudly into the 1990's.

I have grappled with the idea of owning one for years. I had one a few years ago (a cumbersome old model that joey generously handed down to me) and I hated it. I kept forgetting to turn it off, and when it rang in the middle of an opening night at the theatre, I nearly died on the spot of mortification.

I have also often said that technology should be something we master.The way that phones have of forcing us to come to their ring and call. The short leash it has you on. You aren't mastering technology if it makes you jump to attention every time it emits a squawk.

I feel both excited and ambivalent about gadgetry. I never use my PDA anymore (mostly cuz I got a battery version of the Handspring that sucks the power in the matter of a week).

Yesterday, my mom got one of those gussied-up blackberry phones. Email, color display, tons of storage, a phone, a phonebook, a pager, a picture storage. And I drooled over it. I have always been under the delusion that I will become organized if only i have the right storage devices.

But the other day I was going through these old tattered notebooks where I had scrawled things like people' #'s, shoved in transfers and movie tickets, scribbled down funny things overheard, written to-do lists... and I miss the notebook with its evolving artifact quality.

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